The path to a promising future begins here.

  • Earn as much as 0.05% APY* 

There are a million reasons to save. Find yours.

Your first house. Your first-choice college. A once-in-a-lifetime trip. A make-everyone-happy purchase. No matter what's on your bucket list, we offer savings accounts that can help you reach your goals.

Pro tip: Why stop with one savings account? You have lots of life goals. Multiple accounts can help you better focus your time & money.

Share Savings

Ready to start something special? This account makes you a Suffolk Credit Union member and starts your journey toward a secure future.

  • Earn competitive rates
  • Gain access to all our other financial services

Save Your Way

Earmark money for holidays, trips or taxes with a special account that helps you focus on specific savings goals.

  • Competitive dividend rates
  • Just $5 needed to open account

First-Time Homebuyers Club

Dreaming about a place of your own? Show us a string of steady deposits, and we'll do our part to help make it happen.

  • Earn rewards that reduce your closing costs 
  • Benefit from homebuyer education course

Youth Savings Accounts

Help the youngsters in your life build a savings habit and learn about financial responsibility.

  • $25 bonus for first deposit
  • Higher overall dividend rates

Financial Education

Take a financial health assessment to help you track your goals and success over time. 

Mobile Banking

Bank beyond the branch.