Security Center

The best way to protect your finances and identity? Stay informed and alert.

Here's what to know when it comes to security concerns.

Every day, there's news about some scam, scheme or rip-off. It may seem like the bad guys have the edge. Not so. At Suffolk Credit Union, we've found ways to safeguard your finances - and we're glad to share them with you.

The Federal Trade Commission is the go-to resource if you suspect fraudulent activity on your accounts. Learn more on the FTC's website.

Cyber Safety

Computers have made our lives easier in many ways. But it takes some extra effort to fend off scammers, hackers and malware.

  • Internet safety tips
  • Password management advice

Security Resources

If you're a scam target, you might need some good advice on how to react. These agencies and organizations can help you recover.

  • Credit rating repair
  • Contacts for federal agencies

Identity Theft

It can start with an innocent-looking email or official-sounding phone call. Identity thieves will do almost anything to get you to divulge personal info.

  • Suffolk Federal's contact policies
  • Anti-phishing advice


Read about the most recent scams making the rounds - and learn how to recognize the warning signs.

  • Access Federal Trade Commission's alerts
  • Visit our Fraud Corner

Holiday Scams

Unfortunately, the "naughty" list is filled with people who steal presents, set up scam charities, or create bogus shopping websites.

  • Beware of social media scams
  • Be on the lookout for Porch Pirates

Cash App Fraud

Easy-to-use cash apps have become popular ways to send money to family and friends. But they've also become a haven for scammers.

  • Protect personal information
  • Don't deal with strangers